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Intrinsically Safe Equipment

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The new EU ATEX Directive came into force on 1 July 2003.  The Directive covers electrical and mechanical equipment and protective systems, which may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (flammable gases, vapours or dusts.)  The term "equipment" is defined as any item which contains or constitutes a potential ignition source and which requires special measures to be incorporated in its design and/or its installation in order to prevent the ignition source from initiating an explosion in the surrounding atmosphere.  Obviously this includes two-way radio transceivers!


What the ATEX Directive generally means in the real world, is that you can no longer buy new, the same products which were previously classed as "intrinsically safe" (TO USE IN THE EU), as all new products must be ATEX approved.  You can still purchase the old class of equipment for use outside of the EU!  If you owned the old class of equipment prior to 1 July 2003, then you can continue to use it in a hazardous location until it requires repair.  If such radio equipment requires repair, then it will not be able to be re-certified once it has been fixed.

As a company who hire such equipment, we are still permitted to hire the "old" classification of intrinsically safe radios.  However, we expect to be replacing all our radios with a brand new ATEX Certified Radio in the near future.....  This new handheld transceiver will be built using the latest techniques and will come with a modern battery & accessories.  It will be smaller, lighter and more capable than previous transceivers.  It will also be fully submersible in water!!!  Watch this space....



The Motorola GP900 Cenelec and the Standard HX390 are currently our main intrinsically safe units - ideal for Offshore Installations, Pipeline Operations, Onshore Refinery & Storage Depots, etc.  As a result of the new ATEX regulations, the newer Motorola GP320 / GP340 can no longer be supplied new with FM approval.  However, we can still supply accessories with I.S. approval such as batteries, speaker microphones, & headsets etc.

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