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CCTV systems

Unfortunately crime is a reality which costs untold millions of pounds every year in business in the UK.  To make matters worse, we live in an era where providing visible evidence simply isn't enough!

The implications of the Data Protection Act now mean that both you and your CCTV system have to comply in a variety of ways before findings can be used for their intended purpose - as evidence for the Police.

CCTV need not be an expensive option for anybody.  However, you need to be aware that some companies will attempt to "steal" more from you than the thieves your are trying to protect yourself from.

For this reason, we offer three separate services - Supply, installation and maintenance.  We will not try to wrap these together into an excessively priced package which only masks the lower individual costs.


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We only sell trusted, brand name equipment from respected manufacturers. Naturally all this equipment comes a full warranty and guarantee. Our aim is to offer you a very competitive price on all our products which you can then choose to install yourself if your company has suitably capable employees or trade contacts.  We will always be happy to perform the final set-up in such circumstances. We have already supplied systems nationwide on this basis, where large companies have saved thousands of pounds over conventional supply and fitting arrangements.

When required, we will happily install your new system in the location of your choice.  Where complex cabling arrangements are necessary, we will employ the specialist services of companies who know best in this area.  We have no desire to start knocking holes in your walls, as we are not "Jacks of all trades"!  Our business is primarily CCTV and we never pretend to be joiners.   However, there are plenty of joiners who will pretend to be experts in CCTV. The choice is yours .....

Don't be fooled on this issue!  If somebody sells you a CCTV system, then tries to add-in an expensive maintenance contract, perhaps it is time to worry about the equipment you have just purchased!   There is very little to go wrong with a good system which been properly installed.  Eventually, camera lenses may need cleaning, video heads can need replacing, but it's not rocket science!   The most common faults are not related to equipment failure at all, but you have the choice as the customer to protect yourself from such eventualities.  Maintenance of a system can be provided on whatever basis you desire.


Colour / B&W?  Analogue / Digital?  Data Protection?  Advice?

CCTV provides a minefield of questions, and can offer even more answers!  We believe that we can present our customers with a refreshing approach, because we have been there too!  One of our team has been at the sharp end as the proprietor of a busy £9M retail business.   Another has been installing and maintaining commercial systems for a variety of clients for many years.  We understand what you want from a supplier, and what you need from a CCTV system.

We can supply professional colour CCTV systems consisting of four cameras, quad switcher, monitor and VCR from £990 (+vat).  Naturally, the prices go up along with the complexity of the system required.  If you want the other end of the scale we can supply a fully digital recording system with remote monitoring costing many thousands of pounds.  However, we will NOT sell you a system which can be found in a local discount warehouse, nor will we sell a system of questionable pedigree.  Most importantly, we can provide all you need to help you ensure that your set-up meets the regulations and can fulfill its purpose.


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