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About Us:

Belmont Communications Ltd have quickly gained an enviable reputation for transparency and cost-effectiveness within the professional two-way radio market.  Our customer base extends throughout Europe and includes a number of high profile customers, hence we are well placed to offer market-leading equipment at significantly reduced prices. We supply transcievers and accessories to UK government departments, UK and US Armed Forces, as well as a variety of Police, Ambulance & Fire Services. There are also a plethora of customers who have found us directly through the Internet, and these have become integrated into our traditional customer base. Our on-line equipment catalogue is reckoned to be one of the most comprehensive in the industry, and unlike competitors who deal in everything from lifejackets to mobile phones, we specialise primarilly in 2-way radio equipment.

Belmont Communications Ltd have recently agreed a sponsorship deal with Scottish based AIM racing team for their British Superbikes Championship Season during 2005. AIM Racing will contest the 2005 British Superbike championship on the latest factory backed Yamaha machinery. Belmont Communications Ltd have supplied the team with a number of specialist ear-defender radios for communication between the pit-crews during the races. Click on the team logo to view their latest BSB news throught the season.

Our radio hire fleet is constantly growing with modern products arriving to meet the needs of established and new clients. Our customer base is not concentrated in any specific market sector and hence we are not at the mercy of business fluctuations in any single area of commerce.  We have units on hire across the UK, Europe and as far afield as Africa!  Our strength lies in the fact that we are comfortable offering modern, dependable equipment at realistic and affordable prices.  Contrast this with many of our competitors who will often supply the hirer with ten-year old radios at tongue-in-cheek rates.  Fortunately, the Internet is changing the way people trade, and it is no longer possible for a business to monopolise the hire market in any specific locality.  If a customer has a computer, then they can find a better deal elsewhere - and that's where we come in!  After all, you are reading this but another radio hire company will wish you weren't...

Sales of radio transceivers continue to grow in both the PBR commercial and leisure / marine markets.  On land, companies are finding it harder to justify the cost of replacing old equipment when faced with a Hobson's choice from their radio supplier.  Meanwhile, private individuals are taking to the water for fun and are sourcing professional marine VHF products through the Internet.  At Belmont Communications Ltd, we believe strongly in providing quality products, however we know from experience that some lesser known brands can perform equally as well as their more expensive peers.  Our on-line shop contains a vast range of communications products - enough to satisfy the demands of business and private buyers alike.  The most important aspect of the shop is that it gives you a choice of products and accessories which is not normally associated with a single supplier.  We are happy to provide impartial advice about the products on offer and we have no preference for one particular manufacturer over another - They all make good products and they often cater for different budgets.

Belmont Communications Ltd have supplied and installed CCTV systems from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen!  These have found their place in Retail Outlets, Petrol Stations, Warehouses, Commercial Offices and a number of Her Majesty's Prisons.  We have even installed a system in a Scottish Castle!  Each time the ethos has been the same - quality products at sensible prices. We no longer promote this side of the business but we can still source equipment for business customers on a supply-only basis.

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